When attempting a low pressure defense, it is important to have every player retreat behind the line of confrontation rapidly. They can rest when they get there, but must get there quickly or the defense breaks down. In the video (best viewed in full screen), you will see the ball moving toward the top of the screen. I left off the attacking players to make the video less complicated. The defending players are situated behind the line (in this case, the top of the circle) in a 4-5-1 and are shifting as the ball shifts. Once it is clear that the attacking team have committed to one side, the players collectively move in order to make the opponents play predictable. The target must keep the team from swinging the ball across the back. The central midfielders pick up players and passing lanes to prevent the ball from going inside. The right wide player bends his or her run in order to create a pocket and force the opponent outside. Patroling the long ball will be the goalkeeper that has shifted off his or her line, while left wide player drops and tucks in to provide cover in the central areas.  The back four have shifted to become three and release the right back to win the ball off the opponents wide player. If pressure is applied properly with all the players synchronizing, the opponents outside back will play a ball to the wide midfielder. Since the defending team is expecting this, the ball must be won.


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