The first in our new series on the favorite sessions of college coaches. This one is from Jose Gomez. He is the head men’s coach of NCAA Division II member Palm Beach Atlantic University located in West Palm Beach, FL. Jose has attained the USSF A license, NSCAA Premier Diploma, and the NSCAA National Youth Diploma. He played professionally for five years before retiring to enter the coaching ranks. The following are two of his favorite activities for fitness with the ball along with transition:
Small transitional fitness exercises

The games are meant to be fun and several opportunities will arise for coaching points. They played at a high pace. I like to play 5-minute games and rotate.

4 Goals, 25×25 grid, 2 Teams (3 players per team) Total of 6 players

*Could add 1 player to each team (this would lose some fitness aspect but offers more team defense coaching points

Goals centrally on each end line.

Red team scores on opposite goals, Blue team scores on other two opposite goals

Coach plays ball into grid and play is live. Players will find themselves with the opportunity to identify a numbers up situation and allows them to recognize when to pull the ball out of a tight situation and into a positive situation.

Ball restarts from the coach every time the ball goes out of bounds

Coaching points:

Change direction
Recognizing numbers up situation
Quickly transition (offensively and defensively)

2nd Activity

3 Grids, 2 end grids are 8×8 yds and middle grid is 5×8 yds

Two teams (3 players per team) Total 6 players

Red team begins with 3v1 in their grid, once 5 passes is achieved red team plays ball to the Blue Teams grid where the Blue defensive player rejoins the Blue Team and Red Team sends a player across to defend creating another 3v1 situation. If Blue Team wins ball they must play ball back to own team but cannot kick it out of bounds otherwise ball remains with the Red Team.

1 point for 5 successful passes and a completed ball through the grids to opposing team


Movement off the ball (since there are only 3 players it forces them to create angles)
First Touch


Go Buck Wild
Stay composed once ball is won so you can play it back to own team
Transition once ball is played across to support your teammates


4 responses to “Jose Gomez Favorite Activity”

  1. Footie4Life says:

    I love any fitness that can be done with the ball

  2. Kwah says:

    You also get to coach other things like transition and movement off the ball, while getting your fitness done, which makes for a more economical training session.

  3. manU says:

    the buck wild style of defense is for any player. this is a good fitness drill that works players with the ball

  4. dum fraga says:

    me gusta de sus exercicio muchas gracias por las imformacion.

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