The second in our series of the favorite exercises of college coaches comes from Ged O’Connor, the head women’s coach at Saint Leo University in Saint Leo, FL. He has attained the NSCAA Premier Diploma and the NSCAA National Goalkeeper Diploma. Coach O’Connor also serves as an instructor for the NSCAA. You can find his camp information at . I have personally seen the camp and it is top notch. I would recommend it strongly for your players. The following is his favorite activity.
6s in the Box
Game is in the 18 yard box, 1 full size goal with 2 smaller goals at the opposite corners of the 18yrd box at angles facing inwards.

2 teams of 3 on the field. 1 team attacks the big goal (and GK) the other team attack the 2 smaller goals.

It is a game of transition.

The coach has a supply of balls in the D and always passes to the team attacking the big goal.

First to 2

If team A (attacking the big goal) shoot and GK saves, the GK plays the ball to team B going to the 2 smaller goals

Whenever the ball goes out of play, the coaches ALWAYS passes to the team attacking the big goal.

The winners of the game attack the big goal in the next game

The idea is work on fitness but also the man marking responsibilities in changeover of possession and the quick transition from attack to defence¦.
(Best if viewed in full screen mode as the ball is small)


4 responses to “Ged O’Connor Favorite Activity”

  1. Footie4Life says:

    I like to do the same, but further from goal to improve distance shooting

  2. Kwah says:

    This drill presents a good opportunity to address finishing vs. shooting.

  3. Aron says:

    Good exercise to develop that goal scoring mentality. It will leave them with a variety of situations to finish.

  4. Footie4Life says:

    you are right Aron, it does not soley deal with one type of finishing like a lot of drills do

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