Notice how far the opponent’s backs are located away from the line when swinging the ball. The defensive is the one who finally plays the ball outside from close to the line. In the women’s game, the players are usually not as comfortable swinging the ball around the back close to the line like the mes do. This results in even greater time for the defending team to shift as the back who just received the swung pass still has to go forward a bit to get closer to the other players on his or her team. In the video, the defensive midfielder checks back behind the line and swings the ball, this eliminating her from being an option in behind the line and making the central midfielders jobs easier. We still do not get a good angle of approach from the wide player, but they still play the ball in to the pressure pocket. The opponent is getting impatient because they are not being allowed to go forward and are simply swinging the ball back and forth as the defending team shifts. Also, the opponent’s defensive midfielder is out of the equation and the defending team’s midfielders are doing well picking up their remaining central players. The result is the left back winning the ball.


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