The third in our series on the favorite exercises of college coaches comes from Denise Schilte-Brown of the University of South Florida Women’s Soccer team. Denise is a former member of the Canadian National team and has her USSF A License. I worked for Denise for 2 years and can tell you from first hand experience that she is a top level coach. You can find her camp information at . Her favorite exercise is the chippy game:

Three teams of five players. One team is in a grid that is 12 X 12 yards. It is attached to a middle grid that is 12 X 20 yards. And finally attached to another grid that is 12 X 12 yards that contains another team of five. the third team is in the middle grid. As soon as the coach pays a ball into one of the outer grids, the team in the middle grid sends two members into that particular grid to defend. The team that received the ball must complete a minimum of 5 passes, and then chip a pass that can be received by the other outside grid in order to earn a point. If, by way of defender or technical error, the ball leaves the grid, they now become the middle team and must quickly transition by sending two players into the far grid and the other three into the middle. As soon as that ball has left the boundary of the grid, the coach plays the ball into the opposite end grid. If the team is successful in completing a minimum of 5 passes and playing a receivable ball to the other outside grid, they stay in their grid, while the defending team transitions to the opposite grid to defend. The defending team may only send two players into an outer grid to defend and may not enter the grid until the ball has. In the video, you will see the first team does not have success and is forced to transition. The second team that receives the ball does have success, and is allowed to remain in their grid, while earning a point. There are may applications to this exercise, with fitness and transition being the coaches’ main focal points.

Coaching points:
-Mental speed to transition
-Defending collectively
-Movement to give proper passing angles


3 responses to “Denise Schilte-Brown Favorite Activity”

  1. Kwah says:

    This was my all-time favorite drill as a player.

  2. Footie4Life says:

    good hidden fitness as well

  3. John J Mendoza says:

    Such a great drill. When high level players do this drill it’s amazing how fast players move in a small area.

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