The last two videos in our series on the pressure pocket give a glimpse at a well executed pressure pocket and a poorly executed one. The first is positive and it shows that the opponent will play into the pocket sometimes even if there is no teammate to pass to simply because all other options have been eliminated.

In the second and final video, the opponent’s forwards make a simply criss-cross and their is a communication error between the left back and left center back. The left back is not released to close the pocket. the result is space for the opponent to attack down the line. Also, one of the opponent’s midfielders checks deep and is left unmarked. This wide player comes inside to pressure her and the opponent is given more space on the outside. Fortunately, the opponent does nothing with the attack.

I hope you enjoyed this brief series on the pressure pocket and the glimpse into the breakdowns that may occur (and need to be fixed).


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