30-Minute Continuous Drill
Coach Krikorian has had an illustrious coaching career. He has won two national championships in college, coached the WUSA Philadelphia Charge, and coached the U20 Women’s National Team. Currently, he is the head coach of Florida State University and is an assistant for the US Women’s National team. His accomplishments are far too many to mention, but I can tell you from running into him frequently on the recruiting trail that he is one of the hardest working head coaches in college soccer. Being that it is tax day, you can plan on using your refund to send your players to his camp. You can get information at http://www.seminolesoccercamps.com . The following is his favorite activity:
This is fitness within the game. The game does not stop once it starts : there is only a brief pause between segments to make sure everyone knows who won the previous segment and to give restrictions for the next segment. It is essential that one player from each team be appointed to count completed passes loud enough so everyone can hear. The team with the most completed passes wins each segment. If a player needs water, they can get it during the run of play.

1st 10 minutes : unlimited touch, each completed pass equals a point

2nd 10 minutes : one or two touch, each completed pass equals a point

3rd 10 minutes : unlimited touch, only 1 touch passes count as a point

*Depending on number of players, can be 7v7, 8v8, 9v9¦

*Field size: extend cones from corner of penalty box to mid-field

*Select a player from each team to count passes
-Player must yell out number of passes as the game goes on
-Change player who counts for each segment

*New ball from top of penalty box when ball goes out of play
-Need to have continuous supply of balls — no breaks to collect balls


3 responses to “Mark Krikorian Favorite Activity”

  1. Footie4Life says:

    He is one of the few coaches in women’s college soccer that has there team play a possession orientated style.. Good exercise for doing that while getting fitness

  2. Aron says:

    Very simple exercise that has a great objective for players to work on. The reward for point with 1 or 2 touch pass will really get players to think about using only necessary touches

  3. Kwah says:

    You must have a team that is capable of keeping the ball in order to do this exercise. If not, then there’s too much down-time and the fitness aspect is lost.

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