Coach Fink is the men’s assistant coach at UMass. He has attained the USSF B License and the NSCAA Advanced National Diploma. He was the NCAA Division II player of the year when he led the University of Tampa to the National Championship. You can find their camp information at . The following is his favorite exercise:
This exercise is usually done at the end of practice as part fitness, part crossing and finishing. There is a line of servers and a line of finishers. Server plays a ball to coach and then run around coach for a return ball that is served with first touch. As soon as the ball is played to coach, two finishers run around a cone to make near post and far post runs. Players finish and then run around near post (post closer to server). Next group goes immediately after.


5 responses to “Roy Fink Favorite Activity”

  1. Footie4Life says:

    great fitness with the ball and economical training

  2. Kwah says:

    You receive functional training on crossing and finishing all the while getting your fitness work. I would put half of my players at each goal and run two of these exercises at the same time to maximize the fitness aspect.

  3. manU says:

    good drill that works on finishing and fitness. this coach puts out some quality instruction

  4. theBook says:

    I like the simplicity of the excercise. You can really hit on some some key coaching points on the cross as well as finishing in the box

  5. bhouston says:

    Love this drill, and the superior coaching of Mr. Fink as well . cheers lads …

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