For this exercise, you will need to build three grids the size of the penalty box (18yd. X 44 yd.) and stack them on top of one another so that the width is 44 yd. and the length is 54yd. Place goals at both ends and divide the middle grid length ways in half. Goalkeepers are place inside each of the goals and assigned to play with one of the teams. Five players from one team are placed in half of the middle grid and the five players from the other team are placed in the other half. The coach plays a ball into one half of the grid and the team attempts to keep possession in their half. The opposing team sends one player in to defend. Every three passes, the team earns one point and their opponents may send an extra defender in. When the defenders win the ball, the players attempt to score in their opponents’ goal. At the moment of transition from defense to attack, the team must shape out and decide whether to attack the goal directly or drop the ball back to their goalkeeper and switch the point of attack. The game continues until the ball is played out of bounds and restarts with a ball played from the coach into the other teams half (alternate who starts with possession). Teams earn a point for every three passes while in their half of the grid and then 10 points for every goal scored when the game opens up.


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