The 22nd in our series on technical warm ups is a turning exercisethat requires one ball for every two players and a line (painted or cone). The players are partnered up and one player stands on the line while the other has the ball at his or her feet approximately 5 yd. away. The player on the line spreads his or her legs and the other player passes the ball through it. Once through, the player turns and chases the ball. Upon arrival at the ball, a turn is executed (the coach’s choice-varied every minute or so) and then the player attempts to pass it though his or her partner’s legs that has taken his or her place on the line. After a minute, switch turns (i.e. inside right foot, inside left foot, cap or outside of right foot, cap with left foot, left-footed Cruyff, right-footed Cruyff, right-footed step over, left-footed step over, pull back with right, pull back with left….etc.) If you don’t recognize a lot of these terms or don’t feel comfortable teaching them, you can get some help from these websites:
They will also get work on passing accuracy and the weight of the pass.


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