This exercise allows your wide players and forwards to receive functional training while they are also receiving fitness with the ball. The wide players are broken into four groups and placed between coaching sticks (or flags) on the goal line, near the corners of a 40 yd. long by 65 or 70 yd. wide field. The wide players have a ball at their feet and dribble at pace towards the far goal line. When the get there, they serve a ball into the forwards for an attempt on goal. as soon as they release the ball, they must touch the pole next to their opposite wide players. The opposite wide players are allowed to take off as soon as the ball is crossed (The crossing wide player must touch the flag to allow the wide player a head start). This continues as each wide player must run with the ball to cross, then touch the pole, and finally defend the opposite wide player before they are allowed to rest. The forwards alternate goals they are finishing to and must get up and down the field (they will need to be switched frequently-if you have a large squad, it can be on the fly like the wide players).


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