Number nine in our series on the favorite exercises of college coaches comes from Lindsay Smith. Coach Smith is the assistant women’s soccer coach at the University of Buffalo. Prior to that spent two seasons as the assistant at the University of Idaho, where she was a standout in net for four years. After college, she spent time in the W-League while she finished her Master’s Degree in Sports Psychology. The following is her favorite activity:
6-Goal Game for playing out of pressure
60 x 40 with six equal size grids (20 x 20) within. Three small goals on each long side of the playing area.

Team Organization
2 teams of 5
6 pinnies of one color; 24 cones (12 of one color and 12 of another); 12 balls.
Length of Game
First team to 10 points

Teams play 5v5 with direction. One point is earned when a player passes the ball through any one if his/her team’s three attacking goals. If the defending team gets 2 defenders into the 20 x 20 grid of the goal being attacked, the attacking team must play out of the grid and attack a different goal. Play throw-ins at sidelines. If the ball goes over a team’s endline, that team plays the ball in with a pass (same rule for re-starting play after goals).
*have a continuous supply of balls around the playing area
**depending on number of players, play 6v6, 7v7, etc. or use three rotating teams and play for time instead of points.

Coaching Points
¢ Communication
¢ Angle and distance of support
¢ How to play out of pressure (i.e. dribble, lofted pass, combination play, etc.)
¢ Recognizing numbers up situations


4 responses to “Lindsay Smith Favorite Activity”

  1. Aron says:

    Really liked the condtion of this game, if the defending team gets or has two players in one area you must play to a different area. It encourages players to recognize when one area is off to play to another area where there is more space and less defneders then to attack quickly

  2. theBook says:

    This excercise is great to focus on playing out of pressure. I have also used a similar set up to work with my back four. Good for a variety of topics.

  3. Footie4Life says:

    explaining how to recognize when it is on and when it is not is critical

  4. Kwah says:

    Good stuff.

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