Two target players are placed on a cone at the top of the arc and a goalkeeper is placed in the net. Two lines of “central midfielders” are placed on cones that are about 44 yd. apart near the bottom of the circle. The central midfielder drives a ball into the checking target and follows his or her pass. The target lays the ball off to the other central midfielder who has a go on goal in as few touches as possible. The next central midfielder drives a ball into the target (the second target, as they rotate every turn) and the target lays it off the the other central midfielder (the one that started the exercise with the first ball into the target). The central midfielders in the line should be passing to the target, following their pass, and then receiving the next ball that is passed to the target from the opposite line. To start the exercise, you will need to place a central midfielder close to the target to receive the first ball. After that, the rotation will take care of itself.(see the video if you are still confused)


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