In this set piece, the corner kick taker raises his or her hand to begin th emovement of players. The four players in a line (see video) have the sole responsibility of boxing in the goalkeeper. One goes in front, one in back and two central to form a trapezoid shape around the goalkeeper. The three remaining players will set up a pick action so the the primary target loses his or her marker. The two stand in a line for the primary target to run around their back. This will pick the marker and allow the primary target to make an unmarked run to the near post. The remaining two players become a secondary target the trash player. The secondary target will make a near post run, but end it 6 yards from goal (on the goal box). The trash player drops up and is ready to pounce on a garbage clearance from the opponent. The two other field player stay at half field with the one opponent that is usually left high. they organize themselves into one in front of the opponent and one behind to help prevent the counter attack.


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