The 22nd in our series on technical warm ups is a passing and timing of checks exercise that I recently saw Jeff Tipping conduct. Jeff Tipping is the Director of Coaching Education for the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) and is a tremendous clinician. The exercise start with two players passing a ball back and forth and a perpendicular player roughly 30 yards away. When one of the passing players opens his or her hips to face the far player, the player reads this signal to check towards that player. The checking player lays a one touch pass off to the third player. The three players switch roles so that all get a chance to be the checking player. The next progression (when the players switch to yellow in the video, they are switching to this progression) is for the player that does not pass the ball to the checking player to take off and give a supporting passing angle to the checking player. The checking player passes one touch to the support player and then spins off. the support player plays a one touch pass back and then the two assume the roles of the players passing back and forth. Obviously, the third player that is left on the other side assumes the role of the checking player. It is important that the checking player reads the visual ques of the passer as to not improve the timing of the check.


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