The 26th in our series on the favorite exercises of college coaches come from Chris Shaw. Coach Shaw is the Associate Head Coach at NC State. Prior to that, Shaw spent time asthe assistant as Fresno State and the head coach of Mt. Olive College. He was an All-American as a college player and went on to play professionally with the Raleigh Flyers. He holds the USSF A License, as well as, the NSCAA Premier Diploma. NCState Women’s Soccer runs a tremendous camp program and you can find out more at:┬áThe following is his favorite exercise: Set up this finishing activity with two goals approx 36-40 yds apart and off center of each other. You have one player 18 yd in front of the center of each goal to lay balls off. The other players and balls are even with the opp goal line and straight in front of the player laying balls off. Players play a ball into the target which is laid off first time for a one time shot. The player that laid the ball off then goes to the end of the other line, and the shooter takes the place of that player to lay balls off. But lines go at the same time and the player continue to cycle through.


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