This exercise is set up with a 60 yd. by 45 yd. field. A goalkeeper is placed in one goal and two smaller counter goals are placed 60 yds. away. Players are broken into two team and then seperated into groups of three. Two players stand in front of the counter goals and one stays central. They begin by attacking two players on the field. As soon as they attack, the next three (different color three) assume the positions in front of each counter goal and central. The three attack the big goal and the two defending attempt to win the ball and play it to one of the players in the counter goals. If the defending team does so, they immediately leave the field and the three players they were attacking transition to defend. Of the three new defenders, the one furthest from the big goal leaves the field so that there is only two defenders. The three new attackers immediately attack with the ball that was played to them at one of the counter goals. If the attacking team scores in the big goal, the transition is the same. The only difference is that the middle player of the new attacking team receives a ball from the coach (as they did not get it from a counter goal. In the video, you will see an example of the blue team starting an attack from the counter goal and an example of the yellow team having to get the ball from the coach. (best if viewed in full screen mode)


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