The tenth in our series of the favorite activities of college coaches comes from Angela Napoli. She is finishing her fourth year as the assistant at her alma mater, UMass. Before coaching at UMass women’s soccer, she had stints as an assistant at the University of Albany, William and Mary, and the University of Colorado. The following is her favorite exercise:
Crossing and Finishing
Long Range shooter plays a ball wide to a server. The server takes a touch to serve it or whips it in first time depending on the ball. Players in the box play 3v3 and try to finish the cross first time. If they do not, then they play against each other and also have the availability of three players outside the box that must finish first time if a ball is dropped to them. If a second touch is needed, then the player must pass the ball back into the box to the team that played it to him or her. If the keeper makes a save, the long range shooter has a touch and hits one on frame. Then a ball is played to the opposite flank straight away and the exercise starts again.


3 responses to “Angela Napoli Favorite Activity”

  1. Kwah says:

    It is important to rotate the players so they get a taste of all the different roles of this exercise.

  2. Footie4Life says:

    I like the idea, but would like to see a bit more movement. It is kinda static for the payers outside the box.

  3. manU says:

    i agree. good drill, but there needs to be more action for the players on the outside

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