This exercise works on three areas of goalkeeping: shot stopping, handling of crosses, and dealing with back passes. I like to incorporate this into the warm up routine of goalkeepers after doing some basic handling exercises. The coach is situated outside of the arc with a supply of balls. One goalkeeper is in the goal and the other (or a field player is you only have one GK) is situated out wide about 20 yds. from the goal line. The coach begins by playing a ball wide of the goal to the goalkeepers feet (It is important to get your goalkeeper in the habit of stepping wide of the frame of the goal to receive a back-pass. Otherwise, you create the potential for own goals). The goalkeeper takes a touch in the direction of the other wide goalkeeper and then drives the ball to the wide goalkeeper. The wide goalkeeper dribbles toward the goal line and crosses a ball. The goalkeeper deals with the cross and then receives a shot from the coach. The goalkeeper is given time to rest before another rep. It is important to reverse the side to ensure the goalkeeper is getting training from both directions.


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