The 24th in our series of technical warm ups is an exercise I saw from the Chelsea U18’s. Place four sticks (or cones) in the shape of a Y with about 15 yards of distance between them. The balls are all with the players at the bottom of the Y. It begins with a pass to the player at the center of the Y who has checked to the side of the pole. The center player turns and then passes a ball to the player at the top of the Y (the one in the direction he or she turned). The player at the top of the Y has already taken off and receives the ball while moving. The first touch is in the direction of the bottom of the Y and he or she continues running with the ball until arriving at the back of the line at the bottom of the Y. The next player in line starts the same movement as soon as the player begins to dribble. The only difference is the center player must turn the opposite way towards the other top of the Y. All of the players move to the line that they played the ball to. The second progression is seen in the video when the players change colors. The beginning is similar. The player at the bottom of the Y passes to the central player. The central player passes back to him or her and the next pass is to the top of the Y player who has checked inside of the pole. That player lays a pass off to the center player and gets around the back of the pole. The central player gives back to the top of the Y player (a give and go). The receiving player will dribble to the bottom of the Y.


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