This finishing game is a classic that most coaches have seen before. Players of all ages love it. Divide the team and place half of them behind a cone roughly 30 yards from goal and 5 yards off center. Place the other half on a cone 5 yards off center the other direction. Two servers play balls out for a shot (one from each side of the goal). All shots must be one touch and every player receives two consecutive balls. The first ball must be finished from outside the 18 yard box (the power shot). A second ball is played immediately and the player may run in and finish from close range (the finesse shot) (usually between the 6 yard box and the penalty spot). If a player makes one of their two shots, they return to the line. If the player missed both shots, they are out. If a player makes both shots, she may challenge a specific player from the other team. That player must make both shots or he or she is out (some strategy is involved to eliminate the other teams best finisher). The game continues until one team’s players are all out. The other team celebrates the victory. This is usually followed by cries for a rematch. I do not recommend this as a regular training activity, due to the elimination aspect. I like to use it for a fun reward at the end of training. I make the players that go out do ab exercises until the game ends (You’re out. Go directly to ABville!).


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