This exercise works on patience in the attack and possession. For younger teams that are just learning how to possess the ball, it is great due to the numerical advantage. For the older teams that can keep the ball, it works on knowing when to go forward and when to keep the ball. You can play it with 4v4 or 5v5. The field is approximately 40 x 30 yds (varies by age). Teams score by dribbling over there opponents goal line. The defending team must place two of its players on the goal line and they may only move across the line to defend. When the defending team wins the ball, they must complete three passes before they attack (this allows the other team to put two of its players on the goal line to defend). It also helps teams understand the concept of negative space as they will always have the two players on the line to play to. This will help them learn to go backwards to break pressure. When the team finally does get close to the goal line, the two defenders may have shifted to that side and closed off the potential to score. The player must look to switch the point of attack. If the other defenders are in the way, he or she must play the ball back and restart the build up.


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