Number 13 in our series on the favorite activities of college coaches comes from Nitan Soni. Coach Soni is the head women’s soccer coach at Delaware State University. Prior to taking over the reigns of the Hornets, Soni was the assistant men’s coach at Temple University. He is a native of Birmingham, England and the following is his favorite exercise:
Number sequence passing
Area- 18 yard box
Equipment- 3 balls

1) Number each player consecutively until all have been assigned. Encourage players to identify the number before and after their own. Eg player #10 should know who player #9 and #11 is.
2) Players move freely in the 18 yard box but must not stop moving at any time.
3) Coach plays a ball into the grid as player #1 receives and passes to player #2 who passes to player #3 and so on.
Coaching points-
*anticipate the pass with a look over the shoulder.
* next player to receive ball must identify themselves with clear communication before the pass.
* which foot to control ball based on the direction you are passing.

Once players become familiar with sequence,you can time the passes from player #1 and back and then challenge players to complete sequence in less time.

*1 or 2 touch restriction ( one to control one to pass)
*Introduce 2nd and 3rd ball to create more pressure and increase speed of play.
*Players must immediately pressure the ball a soon as they have passed it to the next number. This encourages a quick response and pass from the player receiving the ball as well as defending the pressure.
*Introduce the overlap where player receiving ball must run behind/around the player in possession and receive a leading pass forward. Encourages awareness of overlapping runs and also execution of quality pass into space.


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