The 14th in our series of the favorite activities of college coaches comes from Gina Brewer. Coach Brewer is the women’s assistant coach at the University of Hawaii. Prior to Hawaai, she had stints as an assistant at Utah State and Idaho. The following is her favorite activity:
Flying Changes
This game is fast moving, with a ton of goal scoring opportunities.
You will need two full sized goals with nets to make this game efficient and exciting! The goals need to be between 25 and 35 yards apart. You will need two teams is different colors, one team on each post facing each other. You will also need to GK’s. You can play this game in a 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3 situation.
To start the game I usually just throw the ball up in the middle and have the players race from the post to get there first. The team who scores or shoots past the endline, stays on, and the team who gets scored on or the ball passes their endline must go back to their line. Immediately, the player(s) from the side scored on or the ball passes their endline, enters the field with a new ball and attempts to score on the defending team. If the ball goes out of play on the sideline it is a dribble in or pass in instead of a throw in.
I always emphasize quick transitions from offense to defense. The players need to be mentally alert after scoring and immediately get back to defend the next team. First team to 10 goals wins. GK’s are not allowed to shoot but they can receive a pass back and help their team keep possession.


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  1. im4christ says:

    I love this activity as well. I have found that by keeping the goals close (25 yards) you can put even greater emphasis on recovering defensively. One of the variations I use with this is replacing both sides after a goal is scored with ball coming in from the team scored upon. I have found that this helps the attackers focus more on their finish because that is how they earn a “rest”.

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