I have found that when attempting to get players to move off the ball, they always think you are referring to them moving in the direction they are facing. Sometimes they will move side to side, but almost never backwards. This simple passing exercise is designed as a warm up for teaching passing and dropping off to create space. By dropping off the players create more space for the return pass and  allow themselves more time to play. Two cones or coaching sticks are placed 15-20 yards apart. Four players are needed with one ball. Two are placed behind each stick in pairs. Players pass the ball to the other cone and then drop off sideways-on. They must drop off sideways-on to see the field in front of and behind them. His or her partner takes the next pass and then drops off. After the drop off, they go around the cone and meet the ball. It is important to get your players passing while they are moving and build the habit of checking to the ball.


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