Two cones 30 yards from goal with players split into teams behind them and a goalkeeper. Line A’s first player dribbles at a defender and as soon as he or she shoots or the defender touches the ball, the player transitions. The defender then gets back in line and the attacker becomes the defender. Line B’s first player dribbles out at the defender and the game continues for time or until a team has a certain score. Encourage your players to not wait for the defender to transition. This will result in a variety of 1v1’s e.g. from the front or from the side)


4 responses to “1v1 to 1 Goal”

  1. tvilla says:

    The keys to managing these drills are keeping short lines and shagging down balls to keep the flow going.

  2. Footie4Life says:

    You are so right tvilla. I would make two of these simultaneously for the number I have with my team.

  3. Aron says:

    This is variation of a drill I have seen but I like it because once you shoot you have to turn and find the attacking player. Good exercise

  4. Kwah says:

    Again, you are mentally conditioning players not to take a break after they shoot…good stuff.

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