60 X 44 yards. Players play a possession game in the middle grid and after five passes may play a player through to either goal or wide. If player is played through centrally, the defender cannot chase at first. You can later progress to allowing one defender to chase. Goalkeepers must stay on their line until the ball enters their grid. If ball is played wide then attacker is unopposed in the wide channel, but all defenders and attackers can enter the goal area to defend and attack the cross. Once ball is shot or defended, then coach restarts with playing a ball into the middle third immediately. Teams receive two points for a goal scored on a breakaway and 1 point for a goal served from wide service. You can vary the number of players or passes in the middle grid depending on the level of your team, but do not do too few passes as it will become choppy. You can also teach the players to view the space between the cones as channels or seams. Then restrict that a player must travel through a different seam than the ball.


2 responses to “Breakaways and Wide Service”

  1. tvilla says:

    This works. Numbers down for the defense in possession ensures the offense will have success in initiating the attacking part of the exercise.

  2. Aron says:

    I have seen this exercise before but never heard about the part about the ball being wide and no defending on that player and then everyone can get in for the cross. I like it. I would reduce the amount of passes once I saw players make it priority to keep possession and open space

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