Field size is approximately 36 x 44 yards although I often make the width more narrow with my team. Two target players are always on the field. The one that is NOT in attack is always kneeling and ready to pop up if his team wins the ball or brings the ball onto the field, while the other target takes a knee. Teams are situated behind opposite goals and are broken into pairs. A goalkeeper is in each goal. The two players of the pair position themselves on opposite posts. One has a ball and must play to target first and then both players enter the field to attack the two players of the other team (their target is kneeling). The 18 yard box is the half field mark. If your team scores a goal then your pair defends a pair from the other team that is just coming onto the field. If the ball goes out of bounds in your teams half, then you are off and another pair from your team attacks.


2 responses to “3v2 with Kneeling Targets”

  1. Aron says:

    Good exercise. Lots of shooting. Have to combine a little and develops a good attacking mentality. What happens if the defending team wins the ball?

  2. Footballer21 says:

    The team that loses possession has their target kneel and the team that won possession has their target rise and play.

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