by Paul Shaw
I played the game at a high level.
We applaud the former player who truly wants to give back to their sport as a coach. Being able to demonstrate technique at a high level is very important when painting the picture for players. However, to coach one must be able to teach in an age appropriate manner, using age appropriate activities.

I’ve been coaching for a long time.
It is fantastic that you have been involved with our sport for a long time. Please note that the methods to teach and the game itself are always changing. If you are not continuing your education, you may be behind the modern game.

Our club has a Director of Coaching.
Your club Director of Coaching is in that position because he/she has dedicated themselves to their education and is a professional. For your further development, we encourage you to access them and to seek out other educational opportunities to support what they are doing. This will also establish continuity within your club, as the Director of Coaching will have the support of formally certified coaches.

Our club brings in other organizations from outside the US.
Soccer is a World game and Coaching Schools from other countries provide the coach with great learning opportunities, which we encourage. There are differences in terminology, coaching methodology and risk management. It is imperative to follow what US Soccer has laid out for our country. We believe that the coach needs to be respectful of these differences and use other courses to enhance our soccer culture in our country.

I have been a fan all my life.
Being a fan of soccer is very important. Going to men’s and women’s games enhances modeling behavior in our players. However, watching the game is not the same as coaching the game. As coaches, we must be able to break down our players’ technical and tactical needs, be able to organize age appropriate practices, and then provide feedback in an age appropriate manner.

I’ve coached and played other sports.
Having being involved in sport, you value the importance of the life skills it takes to work on a team and the technical needs specific to each sport. Soccer has its own unique demands. For you to fully appreciate breaking down and teaching technique, you need to know not only what you are looking at, but also how to coach that moment as it occurs.

They can’t make me, I’m a volunteer.
Getting involved in soccer is very important to our communities; it is the most played sport up to the pre-teen years. In order to give our children a quality experience, a coach needs to be informed and organized within their environment. We ask that you take the next step and truly commit to ensuring that our children have a fun time on the field.


3 responses to “Why "NOT" to Take Coaching Education?”

  1. tvilla says:

    Good points…it kills me when people refuse to learn. When you stop growing you start dying.

  2. Aron says:

    Agreed must want to be a life learner to be a good coach and have a global perspective of the game

  3. Footie4Life says:

    please encourage eveyone you can to take a course

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