This exercise involves attacking in a variety of player match ups. Two groups of three players go at a time. We will call one group the yellow team and one the blue. The blue team will start by Player 2 passing a ball out for Player 1 to go on a breakaway with just the goalkeeper to beat. As soon as the shot is taken or a save is made, the player turns and defends. Yellow Player 1 and Yellow Players two bring on a ball and attack blue Player 1 (creating a 2v1). As soon as that ball is shot or cleared, Blue Player 2 and Blue Player 3 bring on a ball and attack Yellow Player 1 and Yellow Player 2 (creating a 3v2 as Blue player one switches from defending to attacking). Finally, Yellow Player 3 brings on a ball and attacks 3v3 (Yellows switch roles and attack all 3 blues).


A. Blue team attacks in a breakaway

B. Yellow team attacks 2v1

C. Blue team attacks 3v2

D. Yellow team attacks 3v3

In the next round, the teams switch who started first. You can get a good rythym going if you have 12 players or more. Make sure that your players on each individual team switch the order in which they start every time to ensure that each player gets the variety of chances.


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