The 15th in our series on the favorite activities of college coaches comes from John Mendoza. Coach Mendoza is the goalkeeping coach at University of South Florida. He has attained the NSCAA National Goalkeeping Diploma and has goalkeeping and striker camps around the Tampa Bay Area. You can find camp info at and the following is his favorite activity.

Box Drill
Working on:
Side shuffle
Back Shuffle
Cross Step
Drop Step
Set Position

First you will need balls, 4 cones, two ladders (half ladders, about 5 rungs), one keeper and one server.

Build a box 5 x 5 with 4 cones. Place a ladder on each side of the box.

Server is at the top of the box about 5 yards away with balls.

Keeper starts at the top right cone.

Keeper starts by side shuffling to her left. Once she reaches the cone she will drop step and shuffle to the bottom right cone. (Always looking forward at the server). When she reaches the bottom right cone she will now side shuffle to the bottom left cone. Once around the left the cone the keeper will do specific footwork thru the ladder. At the top the server will play a ball at the keeper (making sure the keeper is in a good set position). After the ball is played back to the server the keeper will now side shuffle to her right to the top right cone. Again, once she reaches the right cone she will drop step and shuffle to the bottom left cone. Now, shuffle to the bottom right cone and thru the ladder to the server. That will complete one cycle.
After three cycles make the box 7 x 7. The drill will be the same as above but we will now cross step across the top and bottom. We also have the keeper cross to the diagonal cones. Also, now the server will toss balls over the keepers head as she cross steps to the bottom left and right cones.
I feel that footwork is very important in the development of a keeper. The first drill will help with covering short distances and the second drill will help with covering the longer distances.


3 responses to “John Mendoza Favorite Activity”

  1. Aron says:

    Very good footwork exercise. Like the aspect of teaching players about covering shorter and longer distances and how you do both with correct footwork

  2. Footie4Life says:

    I have personally seen this guy work and he is very creative with creating exercises

  3. Jason says:

    I have also personally seen this guy at work. He learned so much from the former goalkeeping coach that this guy can only put out quality work! I would buy any material this guy puts out.

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