Number 16 in our series of the favorite activities of college coaches comes from Jennifer Tanaka. Coach Tanaka is the head coach of the Rio Hondo college women’s team in California. She has attained the NSCAA Premier Diploma and the USSF A License. The following is her favorite exercise:
Numbers up Transition
field 25 x 40 – goals at both ends (could be small goals or futsal size goals if you have gk’s)

Two teams on the side of each end line with balls
Game starts with a 1v1 (if team A starts with the ball – team B will get the 2v1)
– if the ball goes out of the field (score, out on endlines/sidelines) then a player from team B will bring in a ball for a 2v1
– Team A is ready to bring in 2 players with 1 ball to create a 3v2
-Team B gets the next ball and 2 players to create a 4v3
-Team A gets the next ball with 1 player to make a 4v4
When the teams are playing a 4v4 – they play a 2 minute game

During the 2 minute game – each teams remaining players have balls ready to play in should the ball go out – play like flying changes where a ball is played in if the ball goes out on a teams attacking half.

Variations/Coaching Points – touch restrictions, all players must be in attacking half to score, extra points for the numbers down team if they score, score off a one touch, combination play/cycles/patterns for ideas, be sure to switch the teams that start with the ball once all players go through, can adjust the size of the field to create more pressure or to work on fitness, defending shape when you are numbers down, attacking – angles and timing of runs, breaking down defense, transitioning quickly and getting in behind, composure finishing


3 responses to “Jennifer Tanaka Favorite Activity”

  1. Aron says:

    Great exericse for counterattacking, building the attack quickly around the goal and trying to score goals

  2. Footie4Life says:

    I like the variety of numbers up situations that you are getting in one session. So many teachable moments will present themselves

  3. NVcoach says:

    Tried it a few times the past few weeks. Worked great and so many opportunities to instruct as the game is fluid and changes.

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