15 by 15 yd. grid (adjust size according to your players’ abilities). A team of five players are placed inside the grid and a team of five players are spread across the perimeter of the grid. Coach has a supply of balls and players begin playing 5 against 0. The ball may not stop moving and after five passes, one defender comes in from the team outside the grid. Every five passes another defender joins. This continues until one of the defenders can put their foot on top of the ball or all five players from the outside have been brought into the grid (a defender getting a touch on the ball does not count, they must gain possession and put their foot on the ball). Once this happens, the team on the inside is awarded a point for every defender that they brought into the grid (i.e. if the team on the outside only has to send two defenders to the inside to step on the ball, the team on the inside is awarded two points). The teams switch roles and continue to add up their points until the coach calls for time. The team that keeps possession and adds the most defenders wins


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