The video below is a simple short-short-long passing warm up for field players, but the same can be adapted for goalkeeper distribution or even a combination could be used if only one or two of the players are GK’s. Three GK’s are in a line (the distance between them increases as the warm up progresses). One of the GK’s on the end of the line rolls a ball to the central GK who one times it back to the GK that served the ball for a collapse dive (could start with ball hit to their hands and progress to collapse dive). After the save, the GK gets up and throws a ball to the opposite GK. The GK follows his throw and waits for the ball rolled back to him or her to play a one time ball back to the GK. You then replace the GK that you just hit a ball into and await another round.


One response to “GK Technical Warm Up for Distribution”

  1. Aron says:

    Great variation of a simple exercise for keepers

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