The exercise that follows is adapted from a regular Barcelona training exercise in which the players play 7v7+3 in a very tight space (approximately 12 yds by 20 yds). Players are put into two teams in the following positions: Right Back, Center Back, Left Back, Defensive Mid, another Defensive Mid, Left Wide Player, and Right Wide Player. The three neutral players are put into the following positions: Attacking Mid, Center Back/Target, and another Center Back/Target. The neutral Attacking Mid plays for the team in possession. The Center Back/Target plays a dual role. They play Center Back when the team in their half has possession and Target when other team has possession. For my youth team, I usually use a 25yds by 40 yds grid. Players must keep their positions and focus on shaping out when their team wins the ball. The team defending is instructed to press immediately when losing the ball. After the players play possession and get the hang of the game, we play 7 passes and then dribble over the other teams goal line for a goal. We want to make sure the players understand that they have been pressing and need to string some passes together once they win possession (rest with the ball) before going forward.


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  1. William Henry says:

    Nice exercise. Emphasizes movement off the ball, target play, communication, and transitioning quickly from defending to attacking shape. 25×40 is applicable for mid level U13-U14’s.

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