I first saw this exercise when Frans Van Balkom came to town and used it when working with my club team. It creates a more realistic finishing exercise due to the pressure received by the striker. There are three lines: one 5 yards off the post on the goal line (line A), one 18 yards from that line that is perpindicular to the goal line (line B), and one 5 yards wide of the opposite post that is 30-40 yards off the goal line (line C). Line A player passes to Line B player and then follows the pass. Line B player passes ball back to Line A player and immediately goes to defend Line C player. Line A player passes a diagonal ball to Line C player who goes to goal. The pressure will force the Line C player to go straight to goal or engage in a 1v1. The players rotate from line A to B to C and then back to A.


One response to “Finishing with Pressure”

  1. im4christ says:

    Anytime that pressure is added to a finishing activity it becomes much more realistic. I like this one because of its realism and how it involves more players and provides some recovery without having players simply standing in a line.

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