Use the length of the pitch.
Divide it into three central areas. The central area being 44 yards wide by 25 yards long. Play 4 v 4 in this area and 1 v 1 in the attacking areas (The game is directional. On one end, the yellow team’s target plays against the blue teams defender. On the other end, the blue target player plays against the yellow team’s defender). The coach passes into the middle area. The receivers keep possession until they can break out. If reds have the ball they try to find their target. If blues have the ball they try to find there target on the opposite end of the field.
You can condition the number of passes or touches the players have in this area. Two attackers and one defender break out to support the striker and defender.Therefore we have 3 v 2. If the goalkeeper takes possession from the counter attack, quickly release the ball into the middle area and they counter attack towards the other keeper.


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  1. Aron says:

    I like this exercise. It is good 2nd or 3rd exercise in a practice where you want to get a lot of reps of working on breaking out quickly to attack

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