In the spring of 1988, German coach T.K. Trapp administered a 30-question quiz that he had designed to a group of U.S. National Staff coaches. The objective of the test was to examine and make the correct tactical decisions in each of the diagrammed situations.

Eugene Chyzowych provided a copy of this test to Soccer Journal, where it ran as a six-part installment. This proved to be a highly popular feature, so much so that coaches were encouraged to offer their own contributions. The response was tremendous, building the library to nearly 200 tactical situations, which came to be known as “Quizzies.” is now pleased to offer a portion of these “Quizzies” as an online resource for coaches and players to help develop their situational awareness and decision-making skills. In each diagram, the shaded player is the one who must make the decision. The arrow at the side of the diagram indicates which direction the possessing team is moving.

Studies have shown that outstanding soccer players make as many as 10 decisions per minute of a match. Each situation will be presented as a diagram, and you will have 20 seconds to make the correct tactical decision.

On the diagrams, a dotted line indicates a pass, a solid line is a run, a wavy solid line is a dribble and a sharply-angled solid line indicates a sudden feint or move. Attacking players are shown as triangles, while defenders are circles.

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  1. Aron says:

    I have taken quite a few of these tests and they are definetely good to get your mind thinking. I am not sure if I agree with all the answers. Soccer is not always that black and white but a lot of the questions really there is only one correct answer so it is a good test. Makes you think about your answers. That is what I get out of it

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