Create a grid from about the 18 yard box to half field (you can adjust the size depending upon the numbers and ability level). Randomly place 2 yard goals at different angles in the grid. In the video, you will see teams play 6v6 and keep possession while trying to score points. Teams score by playing a pass through any of the gates and successfully receiving it on the other end. You may not score in the same goal twice. You can vary the number of touches allowed or add neutral players to adjust the exercise. Encourage the team to keep the ball and not force goalscoring opportunities.


3 responses to “Gate Game”

  1. Aron says:

    I like doing this exercise but with making the condition once ball is played and received throuh gates it must be passed to 3rd man. this promotes movement off the ball and passing away from where defensive pressure is likely building

  2. im4christ says:

    Multiple goal games are some of my favorites, especially for younger players. Give players as much opportunity to have "success" (they like to score "goals") and they will continue in their development process.

  3. Footie4Life says:

    Aron, I like that condition for the 3rd man. Anything you can do to get players to develop of habit of playing out of pressure is great.

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