Set up: Create 15 x 15 yard grids or as needed, with a triangle in the middle of each grid (use either corner flags or cones). 5 players per grid, 4 attacking players, and 1 defender.
Instructions: The 4 attacking players try to maintain possession while looking to score goals by passing through the middle triangle to their teammates. The defender is NOT allowed inside the triangle, and must defend by working around the outside of the triangle. Play to points or time, and then rotate accordingly.
Coaching Points: Maintain proper balance and angles of support; Vision and awareness off of the ball; Proper verbal and visual communication; Appropriate technique while passing and receiving the ball; speed of play and decision making.


3 responses to “Angles of Support”

  1. Footie4Life says:

    I would add that the ball should not stop moving at all times to force the players to play faster

  2. im4christ says:

    To encourage more movement off the ball, you could even add that the player receiving the ball through the triangle must complete a one-touch pass to another teammate to get a point.

  3. Aron says:

    I have always felt that 3v1 and 3v2 possession games force players to work on angles of support. In 4v1 and 4v2 exercises players still can cheat in working on their angles and have success.

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