The 20th in our series on the favorite exercises of college coaches comes from Jose Gomez. Coach Gomez is the men’s head coach at Palm Beach Atlantic University. He had an outstanding professional playing career and has attained the USSF A License, the NSCAA Premier Diploma, and the NSCAA National Youth Dilploma. The following is one of his favorite exercises:
4v4 Transition Game
Dimensions 18 yd box to 18 yd box, 44 wide (varies for age)
2 Teams: 10 Red Players, 10 Yellow Players

2 or 3 players from each team join the two cones (left side of field and right side of field) at half field.
Each goal post will have the rest of the players.
Ideally put the central players at the posts and wide players at half field.

Opening ball begins with red goalkeeper. He distributes to the furthest player up the field, which would be the wide players at half field. If they are not available he simply places the ball at the feet of the players coming off the posts.

4 red players attacks 4 yellow in a free flowing game. Red hits shot wide or ball goes out of bounds for a goal kick a new yellow team of 4 begin. Ball is played long and quickly from the player on the post (to the furthest player up field.) Defending yellow team leaves field and fills in at the necessary cones while red team now transitions quickly to defend. (2 yellow players come in from the post and 2 from the width making 4 v 4 again)

Yellow team is now attacking the red team. Once yellow completes their attack a new red team of 4 steps on with ball starting at the post and hopefully finding the wide players quickly.

*If keeper makes a save and keeps possession he may distribute the ball to the wide player immediately.


2 responses to “Jose Gomez Favorite Activity II”

  1. Aron says:

    Good exercise. I would be interested to see how the spacing would be. Just looking at the field seems big

  2. mark says:

    i tried this worked nicely. limited players to 3 touch. wasnt sure what to do at throw ins, they slowed the game down a lot.

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