We have a series of our favorite technical warm ups and will be adding them with a TactFoot video (for all of those visual learners). The first in our series is a simple one that only requires a ball for every two players and a few disc cones or coaching sticks. If you have 10 players, place five of them between the upper cones with a ball (servers) and the other five facing them without a ball. Players without the ball (workers) check away and check back to play the ball back to servers. They always check away at an angle to the next server. Once they get to the end, they perform a warm up exercise (without the ball) along the bottom line formed between the two cones. (i.e. open and close the groin, skipping, light jog, whatever you want). We might start with one touch back and switch every time we go through two cycles. (Examples: two touch (play from inside of one foot to other), two touch (receive with outside of one foot and play with inside of same foot), volleys, chest and volley, headers, etc…. you can get creative to constantly mix it up). I usually let it cycle through twice before switching roles between the servers and workers. If it still doesn’t make sense, watch the video and I think it will become clear.


2 responses to “Technical Warm Up A”

  1. Andrew Phelps says:

    I like this better than the standard drill where players check to the cone and return to the same thrower (their “partner”). Good stuff.

  2. manoj says:

    I really thankful to footballer21.com website to provide the free football drills.

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