For this exercise, you must make a 60 X 40 yd. field and then divide it into 6 grids (20 X 20 yd.). In the beginning of the video, I placed green lines to help show how the field is divided. Every third pass must leave the 20 x 20 yd. grid and enter another. I also like to put the restriction that the game is two touch; but after a player uses two touches, the player that receives the pass from the player who used two touches can only use one touch. Emphasize a rhythm of short-short-long. The defending must be high pressure and attempting to collectively squeeze the space to force teams to keep the rhythm. Teams play for points and they get points for a certain number of consecutive passes (eg. 10, but adjust based on your teams level).


One response to “6 Grid Game for Speed of Play”

  1. Aron says:

    Great exercise to teach players to play out of pressure. Really shows players how quickly time and space can open and close which is true of the game of soccer

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