Yet another in our series of technical warm ups is Piston Passing. It is called that for the resemblance of the players movements to a piston (one checks forward as the other drops off). It is started with four players (a pair on one side and a pair facing them about 15 yards away). Progress to 30 yards or more. The ball is played one-touch to the player that is checking towards them. Players should always drop off sideways-on and keep dropping until it is time to check forward to pass the ball. This forces players to never stop moving. Many applications that are real to the game are emulated in Piston Passing. Much like our last warm up, piston passing encourages passing on the move (this is often overlooked by static passing drills in which players are standing still when they pass, a situation that is rare in a real game). Also, the act of playing a ball and dropping off simulates playing a short pass under pressure and dropping off to create space in order to receive it again and play a ball with no pressure (time and space). In the video you will see a brief break and then begins the second phase of the exercise. Now both players on the receiving side drop off and the ball may be played to either of them. One player calls the ball and the other bends a run to get in front of the player and faces them. The receiving player plays a one-touch pass to the player that is now facing them, who plays a one touch pass back. The ball is then played across to the other pair and the sequence is repeated.


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  1. Aron says:

    Really like this warm up. I will definetely use it

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