One of the biggest complaints that coaches have about players in this country is they do not watch the game. This is very, very true. Instead of sitting around and complaining about it, how about try to solve this problem. My coworker and I tried an approach with the men’s and women’s college team that we were working with a few years back. We first invited all of them to join a free Yahoo fantasy league for the English Premier League ( We hyped it with some friendly trash talk about who was going to win. We believed that even the players who weren’t interested in watching soccer would join just for the competitiveness and the banter. We got the majority of the players from both teams to voluntarily sign up in our private group. On top of that, we started emailing short YouTube clips of great goals and top players doing tricks. The results were much better than we expected. The trash talk was hilarious and the players started watching high-level games. There is no substitution for players watching the game being played properly by high level players. (For those who complain about not being able to afford Fox Soccer Channel, Gol TV, and Setanta or those who want to see more games that are not available on those channels, tell them to visit then click on live sports and then on football).


3 responses to “Players do not watch the game played at a high level”

  1. coachraider says:

    Hey Coach, you are so right about most players not watching enough Soccer/Futbol!! Your idea sounds pretty Cool! I’ll have to try it! Let me tell you , about my plan/idea. I am co-coaching a middle school team (inner-city) and many of the kids have never really seen much Soccer/Futbol at all. So i have Soccer Party’s at my house, (for now) where i cook up dogs and roll out soda and show taped games from the EPL,MLS or Ncaa (Acc or Pac-10). I try to get the kids to really get into the games and have a good bit of Q&A about what is going on in the games. I give out little prizes, when they get the questions right. So far everything, has worked pretty good!!!

  2. Footballer21 says:

    Brilliant Idea!! I think that it is important to make them watch them game as learners and not just fans watching the ball. Try to get them to focus on training their eyes to follow the player in their position. I think that they will get a lot from the off the ball movement. Thanks for the idea. Keep them coming.

  3. Max says:

    One of the things I am woring on is to have one or two practices at the house. Since now days we can play and pause live games, thanks to DVR, I can use live games as a tool to break down the game, position by position. most of the time view of the field is big enough to cover everything you need.

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