Our sixth installment in the series on technical warm ups. I first saw this exercise done by my buddy Jose with his college team. He told me he got it when he was still playing professionally. I think it is in an old Coerver video; but we are all sharing knowledge for the betterment of the beautiful game, so what does it matter. You need six cones, five balls, and at least 12 players. The cones are placed about 12 yards apart in two parallel lines (3 cones) that are 12 yards apart. Even with the video below it is a bit difficult to explain because so many players are moving, so I added the diagram on the right. Your team will get it pretty quickly just by running through it slowly a time or two. Four of the balls are evenly distributed between four players (servers) each at cones C, D, E, and F. The rest of the players are evenly distributed behind cones A and B, facing each other. The first player at cone A plays a ball to the first player at cone B and diagonally checks to cone D server to play a one touch ball. The player then checks to cone F server to play a one-touch ball and rounds the cone to join the opposite line from where he or she began. The first player at cone B does the same, except the ball is played back to cone A before checking to cone C server and cone E server. Again, the player ends up in the opposite line and waits for the sequence to start again. The first ball always is passed between cone A and cone B. At any point, you can signal for the players to change on the fly and the servers switch places with the closest player to them. This allows for the exercise to continue without stoppage for 10 to 20 minutes. Every few minutes switch the activity (without stopping) from one-touch passing to volleys or headers or whatever you like. Keep the ball from cone A to cone B as a one touch pass even when you are doing volleys or anything else. If you do anything that is two-touch, make the cone A to cone B pass two-touch as well.


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  1. manU says:

    Great warmup. I’ve used this with my team!

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