Four 10 x 10 yd. squares are placed 15 yds. apart in a square pattern. Each square contains 5 players and a ball. The players continually move within the square and play 1 or 2 touch passes. After a player passes the ball, he or she must change pace (as the warm up progresses, the speed of the run increases up to a sprint) and touch the farthest cone away from them in the square. On the coaches command, the players who has the ball passes it into the next square clockwise and then follows his or her pass to join that group. The players keep moving and passing the ball. I also like to mix this up by numbering the players (1-5) and calling out a number for that player to dribble into the next grid to join it. The next progression (you will see in the video after a brief pause) is to call out a number and those players must pick up pinnies in their hands and then join the next clockwise grid to defend (to compete, you can track how many times the defender wins the ball for 60 seconds- then the defenders place the pinnies back in the middle and rejoins the group to continue to pass the ball around.


2 responses to “Technical Warm Up Q”

  1. Aron says:

    I like exercises that have both a value of skill development and fitness

  2. Aron says:

    I always like an exercise that requires some good fitness and then also get more demanding as far as skill, fitness and thinking

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