I picked up this exercise from my buddy Grandy. Everyone has seen the finishing activity where you pass to your coach and he or she lays it off for you to shoot. It is usually not done at pace and generates a big line. What I liked about the following exercise is that while you are generating repetition for its main focus of finishing, you are also training other game related activities. You will train passing, timing of checks, off the ball movement, playing back to goal, and more; all the while eliminating big lines. You need two cones, four field players, and a goalkeeper (If you have 10 players or more, I recommend you set up two instances of this activity going to two different goals.) In the animation, I chose to replace the cones with passive defenders to make it a bit more real to the game. It is set up with a player that about 25 yards from the center of the goal and another that is about 15 yards further away (I have two red defenders in the video that are giving pressure, but not winning the ball. Instead, you can use cones if you like.) Two more players are 15 yards further away with a supply of balls. The middle player starts the exercise by checking away to get separation from the defender and then checking towards the far player(furthest from the goal). The far player plays a pass to the middle player and runs forward (a bit to the right). The middle player lays off a one-touch ball back to the far player and then checks away (to the left if you are facing the goal) as if to do a give and go. The far player now plays a one-touch ball to the player who is nearest to the goal and then overlaps the middle player to the left. Near player (who has already gotten separation) lays one-touch ball off to middle player that has made a diagonal run. Middle player finishes, near player becomes middle player, and far player becomes near player. Emphasis on finishing as opposed to shooting. (Side points: timing of separation, bent runs, sharp passes,…etc.)


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