Two 10 x 10 yd. grids and placed 30 yds. apart (spacing between the grids can be adjusted according to the ability of your players). Each grid contains a team of three players. One team serves a ball into the other team’s grid. The receiving team has a total of three touches to play it back into the other teams grid (each player can only play one touch at a time… eg. Player A to Player B to Player C or Player A to Player B to Player A). If the ball does not land (or touch at some point) in your opponents grid, then they get a point. If your team takes more than one touch at a time or more than three touches total, then your opponent gets a point. To keep from teaching the players to kill the ball, your opponent gets a point if the ball stops moving.


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  1. Aron says:

    Simple, good exercise that has a lot of options for different conditions

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