My friend is a DOC of a club in New England that has a unique policy. If you cannot show that you planned your session and wrote it down, you do not get payed for it. Now, I know most clubs have a good number of volunteer coaches and docking their $0.00 pay is not an option, but the idea got me thinking. My club’s assistant DOC, Gary (also my former youth coach), and I were talking about this the other day. We both agreed that we have been doing this for a while and do not always write down our sessions, as we have pretty decent memories. I do, however, believe that to be the most effective you can be as a coach, you must write your session down. You might find a problem with spacing or something else that you did not think of when running it through your head. Also, I believe that the most important aspect of planning a session is the professional development that you receive from trying to solve a problem within your team through your practice plan. The first link below is a blank guide for planning a session. The second link is to some of Matt Callahan’s sessions for various topics to use as a guide. I almost hesitate to include it because I do not want to give coaches a crutch. I must stress that you should use it as a guide and not just copy his sessions to do with your team. Your progress as a coach depends on it.


2 responses to “Planning Your Session”

  1. Aron says:

    I try to plan out my training sessions. I find it very helpful in remembering coaching points and details of exercises. Plus it is great to go back and look at your practices and see the things you like and the things you can imporve on.

  2. skiz says:

    was interested at looking at Matt’s practice plans but the link doesn’t take me there???

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